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PA100 Specific Protein AnalyzerSP10 SPIROMETER


Introduction 雷竞技下载_雷竞技官网_雷竞技二维码 is a portable equipment adopting advanced technology, it mainly checks SpO2 and PR value through the finger, which provides advanced, non-invasive and scientific means for quantitative measurement of oxygen saturation. With the functions of pedometer and calorie calculation. 雷竞技下载_雷竞技官网_雷竞技二维码 is applicable for use in plateau area, community healthcare, oxygen bar, Fitness clubs, physical training room, family and medical institution, etc.   Main Features ■Display of SpO2 value. ■Display of PR value and bar graph. ■Low battery indication. ■Automatic storage for SpO2 and PR value. ■Sync clock function. ■Display of steps, calorie and time. ■SThe pedometer can store data ■Display direction can be changed automatically. ■Height, weight, target calorie and pedometer sensitivity can be set by the server. ■Extra low-power consumption setting. ■The device will automatically enter to blank screen state when there is no operation for one minute. ■BThe data stored can be uploaded to APP by Bluetooth, APP will upload the data to CLOUD platform for analyzing.